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Local News Reporter Gets Fired For Asking Too Many Questions

Portage la Prairie, MB – CIPP-TV reporter Kendra Pashe is getting the boot for running her mouth and asking too many questions. Portage’s local imaginary television station is going through another shakeup over editorial direction.  After the sudden severance of News Director Pat Hiscock for her left-leaning [...]

Shart Week On CIPP-TV Portage la Prairie

Portage la Prairie, MB –  Too afraid of sharts to go into the water? The City of Portage la Prairie and local, hit TV station CIPP-TV are teaming up to present a week-long marathon of programming documenting a frightening phenomenon, the shart. Prevalent in the region, sharts are a terrifying and all too common [...]

Rob Lowe Shaken By Wrestling Sasquatch Encounter In Portage

Long Plain First Nation, MB – The truth is out there, at Long Plain First Nation and Rob Lowe experienced it first hand. While shooting upcoming episodes of his new reality show, The Lowe Files, Rob Lowe came to Manitoba Canada to document the mysterious Big Foot at Long Plain. Several months ago Lowe [...]

News Anchor Feels Superior to Production Crew

Portage la Prairie, MB – CIPP-TV Channel 116 has a morale problem.  MBN News anchor, Jack Hoffman(click here to read his profile), has alienated himself from the production crew by refusing to hang out with anyone other than station executives and other anchors. A 30-year veteran, most recently from the prestigious [...]