Goalie Saves Vegas Snake Farm – Turns Into Brothel & Reality Show

Women are getting excited about Las Vegas hockey goalie's snake farm turning into brothel and entertainment destination. Photo Credit - Chic Bee see info below

Portage la Prairie, MB –

A hockey goalie is making the biggest save of his career and pulling the Vegas Snake Farm out of the venomous grips of bankruptcy.

With help of CIPP TV Channel 116 and a group of slimy investors a Las Vegas snake farms is being transformed into an adult entertainment destination and a hit reality show with the goal of attracting more women.

Like the notorious Chicken Ranch brothel, the Vegas Snake Farm will become a destination for adults looking for fun, satisfaction and the biggest snakes in the land.

“We couldn’t pass up the perfect euphemism with this opportunity,” said Ryan Coke, owner of CIPP TV and executive producer of the reality show.  “It’s already got celebrity athletes, large dangerous reptiles and once we add the sex it will be a guaranteed ratings winner.”

Watch for “Snake Farm USA” to start airing this spring on the imaginary television station CIPP TV Channel 116.  The first fictional television reality show to take you behind the scenes of a working brothel and snake farm.

A ten-million-dollar investment will add a full-service brothel featuring an all males cast, a revamped snake display, a reptile themed casino and an entertainment centre to house the “Viper In My Diaper” show.

Ryan Coke and his investors are bullish on the new concept.  “The Snake Farm offers the perfect marketing angle for Nevada’s newest brothel.  These snakes come in all sizes and colors.  Some are dangerous, some bite and some are completely calm.  Our all-male cast will be the same.  We’ll have something for everyone.”

The ambitious plan is a last-ditch effort to help Las Vegas professional hockey goalie out of a jam after he bought the snake farm and pissed away money on it before it went completely out of control.

He refused to comment on the story, but sources close to him say he is eyeing a few new investments including becoming a partner in the search for treasure on Oak Island and buying an upstart soda pop brand called “Skunk Piss”.

Photo: Chic Bee – Flickr

Notice to readerclick here to read the complete disclaimer and access more legal information.  Please note this story is fiction.  No one would be crazy enough to buy a snake farm – whatever the hell that is.  And no one would then turn it into a brothel and reality show.  CIPP TV is just an imaginary TV station that only exists on this website.  While they are very nice people, they are not real.  This small Canadian TV station would never have the financial resources to pull this off anyway.  They pay their imaginary employees next to nothing and their equipment if fairly old, outdated and breaking down.  If you were offered a make-believe job here, I would not take it.  Hypothetical and imaginary things could happen to you.  I heard someone was raped by a ghost once.  Can’t prove it’s true because this is just fiction, but it sounded pretty legit.