Rob Lowe Shaken By Wrestling Sasquatch Encounter In Portage

Long Plain First Nation, MB –

The truth is out there, at Long Plain First Nation and Rob Lowe experienced it first hand.

While shooting upcoming episodes of his new reality show, The Lowe Files, Rob Lowe came to Manitoba Canada to document the mysterious Big Foot at Long Plain.

Several months ago Lowe encountered the great wood ape in the Ozark Mountains while producing the new show with his two sons.  Shortly after, he was  contacted by Sasquatch enthusiasts about the Long Plain Sasquatch and its unique gift.

“I can’t believe we had never heard of it before,” Lowe said on location at the Keeshkeemaquah Conference and Gaming Centre.  “It was the most impressive and terrifying experience I’ve had on this show so far.”

The Lowe Files explore mysteries and paranormal phenomenon and will air Sundays this fall on CIPP-TV.

“What amazed me the most was how everyone around here is so nonchalant about the whole thing,” Lowe said.  “To have a trained wrestling Sasquatch like this is out of this world.”

The wrestling Sasquatch shows up for special events and Rob Lowe was added to the latest card to combat the elusive beast.

“You know when you see it all the time you just take it for granted I guess,” regular bingo fan Terryn Anderson offered.  “The first time I saw it I was like, whoa look at that!  But now I don’t get that excited.  He uses the same moves all the time.”

“We’ve known for a long time they like to wrestle,” promoter Todd Smoke explained.  “The first match we had he just walked out of the bush.  Everyone was scared at first but we realized right away he just likes wrestling.  If you put WWE on he’ll show up too.”

Lowe’s production crew collected some hair and DNA samples to compare it to what they gathered off the wood ape of the Ozarks.

The First Nation proudly displays a stuffed big foot in the lobby of the gaming and conference centre but sometimes hides it behind boxes or protective veil.  Bingo players for years have looked at for good luck.  Poker players sometimes consult it for advice.

“We came for the Big Foot but we heard so many crazy stories about this area we will be coming back to do more episodes.  I also want to come back because I was on a real hot streak at bingo.  I’ve never been so lucky.  Must be the Big Foot.”

Notice to readers/disclaimer about the fictional, satirical and nonsensical nature of this story, website and imaginary TV station.

Photo:  Brian Teutsch –