New Show PP AFTER DARK Will Spark the Midnight Hours

pp after dark logo jpegPP After Dark – local host BJ Harrisburg tours the regions socials, bingos, fairs and goings on producing “live to tape” segments to air during the late night movie.  Since it is after midnight, and we don’t have many rules to follow, it will be filled with endless sponsor plugs, inappropriate product placement and repetitive promotion of upcoming events.  We won’t necessarily go to the most popular, relevant or exciting events but we will make the most out of the events that pay us to show up.  Host BJ Harrisburg is a part-time DJ, guitarist in several local bands and possibly has substance abuse issues.  The initials BJ are a mystery, as he will not disclose what they stand for.  We can confirm they do not stand for Bradly James, Barry John or Buddy Joe.  There are rumours the initialized nickname could be in reference to a sexual act.

Click here to read BJ Harrisburg’s profile.

Click here to read BJ Harrisburg’s profile:  BJ Harrisburg Profile.