In our imaginations, CIPPTV is based out of a massive studio space at an undisclosed secret location in Portage la Prairie Manitoba.  It is caught in a glitch in the time/space continuum that allows and demands it to run programming on ¾” and commercials emanate from a temperamental BetaCart machine.  Local productions boast the services of a Ross switcher and a full 20K Dubner pumps out keys for the DVE at light speed.

The call letters CIPP stand for Canadian Independent Portage la Prairie TV.  CIPPTV is on Channel 116, which represents the junctions of highways #1 and 16 – the TransCanada Highway and the Yellowhead Route in the heart of Canada and North America.  Actually, it is not on any channel but simply and more appropriately only exists at cipptvportagelaprairie.com.

This website contains a combination of information, thought, opinion and fictional stories all designed to  inform and entertain.  Stories are written in a variety of genre’s and are clearly labelled.

CIPPTV is an imaginary television station that can be found at cipptvportagelaprairie.com.  Portage la Prairie is a real place but this website uses it and other place names in a fictional manner in stories and segments clearly marked “fiction”.  The intent is humour and satire and not to create “fake news” in order to mislead or trick viewers.

This website’s fictional stories, segments and related media creations are a work of fiction.  All references to real or historical events, real people, real events, and real products are used fictitiously.  All other characters, names, places, events and things are products of the author’s imagination any and all resemblance to actual places, events or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

CIPPTV is owned and operated by a private, family company called Coke Media Services(CMS) that owns newspapers and radio stations throughout southern Manitoba.  CMS uses and abuses its news and information gathering ability across all media into what they generously call the Manitoba Broadcast Network(MBN).  MBN is the banner under which many of the local news and information shows are produced like, but not limited to, PP In The Morning, PP@Midday, News@6 and News@11.

Please contact us at portagelaprairietv@gmail.com