Forrest Gump II “Run Forrest Run” Starring Canadian Country Superstar Dallas Smith Starts Production

Forrest Gump 2 - Run Forrest Run starring Dallas Smith Forrest Gump sequel Forrest Gump II - Run Forrest Run set to star Dallas Smith and start production.

Hollywood, CA & Portage la Prairie, MB –

His friends and family said “Run Forrest Run” so he did, but this time he’s running for President of the U.S.A.

It has been 23 years since we first heard “stupid is as stupid does” but CIPP-TV has collaborated with a major Hollywood studio to bring back our all-time favorite simpleton.

“Run Forrest Run” Forrest Gump II – Gump For President will start production next month and will star Canadian country music superstar, Dallas Smith as the timeless Forrest Gump.

Dallas Smith to star as Forrest Gump in sequel
Dallas Smith to star in Forrest Gump II Run Forrest Run

In the sequel, Gump gets political after friends and family convince him to run for president to save America from the deplorable Republican and Democratic nominees.  And, just like in the first movie when someone tells Forrest to run, he runs so hard no one can catch him.

“The timing seems right to have a hero like Forrest again,” CIPP-TV and Executive Producer Ryan Coke, offered.  “The political climate is perfect for us to introduce Forrest Gump as a modern-day, common sense, altruistic political hero.”

Set up as a “what if” scenario that parallels the last Presidential Election, Forrest Gump becomes the first independent candidate to become president.

“Gump trumps his rivals with a simple moral compass of ‘what momma would do’ and ‘stupid is as stupid does’.  This time Forrest doesn’t just visit the White House, he moves in,” Coke explained.

President Elect Gump puts his business interests in a blind trust, parks his lawnmower and moves to Washington to become the most powerful man in the free world.

Having no affiliation to existing parties President Gump navigates his way around Washington and solves the world’s problems with his trademark approach.

“He offers a blend of bluntness, commons sense and kindness that the political power brokers can’t navigate,” Coke said.  “The movie sees him handle big issues like health care, education, crime and terrorism only like Forrest can.”

Gump makes America better and everyone laugh along the way by giving Americans health care a living minimum wage and teaches everyone the American Dream isn’t about getting more things but being happier and having joy.

“It’s not hard to picture an idiot in the Oval Office,” Coke explained.  “President Gump is at least a loveable idiot whose bravery and strength are exactly what America needs.”

Tom Hanks declined the role, stating the role needed a younger Gump to pick the story up where it left off two decade ago.  His son, Colin Hanks auditioned for the job but the producers opted for relative newcomer Dallas Smith.  Smith is a Canadian music superstar performing country music as himself and touring with rock icons Default.

Production will wrap up early next year with a Christmas release.  Forrest Gump II is a co-production of CIPP-TV Portage la Prairie with part of the filming and editing done in Canada so the movie can be classified as Canadian Content when it makes its way to television.

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Photo Credit: Forrest license plate – Prayitno

Photo Credit of Dallas Smith – Christopher Brown