NEW After School Kids Show

pp after school live logo jpegPP After School is a two-hour extravaganza every weekday on CIPPTV.  Hosted by Chuck “Chuckles” Plenty the kind of creepy clown armed with one camera and one microphone, Kids PP Club will engage kids with vaguely disguised advertisements, products and services from our advertisers packaged with low-end graphics.  Chuckles Plenty will do live to tape cut-ins during family friendly programs between 4pm and 6pm that will entertain and in vigor children 5-11 and be mocked and ridiculed by kids 12-16.  Grandparents will think Chuckles is great because they “just love” the old shows we will be running during that time block.  To be honest this is just another CRTC commitment to local kids programming that we have leveraged into a lucrative promotion.  There won’t be any substance just a weird host filling two minutes a half-hour with blabbering goofiness.

Click here to read Chuck “Chuckles” Plenty’s profile.