MBN News@6 & News@11


News anchors ready to rock MBN News@6 and News@11

The Manitoba Broadcast Network
(MBN) News@ 6 and News@ 11 brings together live Skype hits from around the town and region each night at 6pm and 11pm.

We don’t have the time or resources to cover much more than press releases, press conferences, ribbon-cuttings and accident scenes but we promise to bring you the best of those.

No investigative journalism here.  If it bleeds, it leads.

We also will shy away from anything too controversial or any anti-business topic that could upset our sponsors.  Speaking of sponsors, there will be many sponsored features and we will put a logo on almost everything.  We have to make something off the huge commitment we made to the CRTC to do local news.

Most of our news hours will only have 5-6 minutes of local news the rest will be filled with drawn-out weather segments, entertainment news that will mostly stuff we pull of the satellite and sports that will be mainly national highlights with local scores put up on screen as we go to commercial break.  Twice a year we will put some extra effort into some lifestyle piece that will win an award and make the CRTC glad they gave us a broadcast license.

News anchors – Jack Hoffman and Iona Stonehouse.

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Photo: Peter & Joyce Grace https://www.flickr.com/photos/gracefamily/ modified