Mom Admits Single-Parent Son Is More Marketable Than Single-Mom Daughter

Mom admits single-moms not as attractive to dating partners as single-dads Portage Mom admits son who is a single-parent is more attractive than her single-mom daughter


A holiday gathering for a local Portage la Prairie family brought a glaring double-standard to a head when Hilda Nowicki came out of the closet about her attempts to find partners for both of her single-parent children.

“Andrew is just amazing with the kids,” Nowicki said.  “Since being abandoned by his wife he has done an incredible job getting the kids ready for school everyday.  He’s a real catch.”

The Nowicki matriarch is aggressively marketing her son and daughter in hopes of finding a perfect match but admits she is having an easier time with her son than her daughter.

“Telling my friends that my son in a single-parent father carries a lot of cache,” Nowicki explained.  “Mother’s and illegible young women find it appealing when they hear about a guy looking after his kids the way Andrew does.”

Nowicki’s daughter Jillian is recently divorced as well but Hilda is finding it tough to find a potential mate for her daughter.

“Jillian is a nice girl but couldn’t manage to keep her husband and he ran off leaving the kids with her.  She’s too busy to date with trying to finish her degree and getting the kids to all their events.”

“I’ve talked to my friends who have single and eligible sons but being a single-mom makes it a tough sell,” Nowicki explained.  “Young single men don’t see being a single-mom as being a plus and very few of them are interested in even meeting her even if I tell them she has a wonderful personality.”

Jillian admits to being too exhausted most days to be interested in re-entering the dating scene but finds the double standard annoying.

“Andrew is the golden child for “stepping up” and looking after the kids while most of my family just refers to me as the poor, unfortunate single-mom,” Jillian Nowicki said.

Nowicki has successfully found several dates for her son and he is actively involved with several young ladies.

“I go over a couple of times a week to clean up his place and help him out with the kids so he can have some time to date,” Nowicki explained.

It is a service not extended to her daughter.

“Mom and I just argue over house cleaning when she comes over,” Jillian said.  “She doesn’t understand I have to spend my time studying after the kids are asleep rather than cleaning.”

Mother Nowicki sees the situation a little different that her daughter.

“Jillian doesn’t go out very much so she has more time than Andrew to clean her own place.  When or if she decides to get off her butt and start dating again I’ll come give her a hand.”

Hilda had to admit to her extended family she was finding it easier to market her single son over her single daughter.

“I guess I was going on a bit about how great Andrew was doing and how many ladies are interested in him when Jillian flipped her lid,” Nowicki admitted.  “I get that she is frustrated but she shouldn’t take it out on me.”

“Its pretty lame when guys get a bunch of cred for being a single-parent when all single-moms get is a ‘yeah whatever’,” Jillian shared.  “Mom’s gotta stop this double-standard crap.”

The Nowicki’s hope both children find new partners in time for next Christmas so the issue never has to be discussed again.


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Photo Credit – Phillip Stewart