Man Turned Off By Co-worker Who Smells of Garlic And Coffee

CIPP TV Portage la Prairie Sports Director Marshall Law can't stand the smell of garlic and coffee on Can I Get A Business Host Helen Wait and refuses to go on date with her. Photo Credit Tim Regan via Flickr see link at bottom of story.

Portage la Prairie, MB –

A budding office romance has been nipped in the bud by an irreconcilable difference between a keen nose and some offensive scents.

Former Regina Roughrider legend and CIPP TV Sports Director, Marshall Law was enjoying festering romantic feelings for his co-worker and CIPP TV’s ‘Can I Get A Business’ Host Helen Wait.

Wait had similar desires for the concussion prone Law and the two had arranged to go to Mano’s Restaurant for supper and then a movie.

“I thought things were going well,” said Wait.  “After our morning news meeting we met in the edit suite, and he just cancelled.”

Unbeknownst to Wait, Law had some lingering concerns come back to life during the news meeting when Wait sat next to him.

“Since my concussions from playing in the CFL I developed a very strong sense of smell.  I can smell the fart of a ladybug two miles away.”

Law had been noticing Wait was regularly smelling of garlic and her breath emitted a significant coffee odour for most of the day.

“Helen takes garlic everyday for health reasons and she’s up to three or four coffees a day.  It takes a toll on her natural bouquet.  I’m not a shallow person but it just takes away some of her appeal.”

Considered a solid six or seven in Portage la Prairie, Law points out Wait would be a big city solid four but admits he was still attracted to her.

“Working in a small town you learn to adapt your standards when it comes to dating.  While Helen isn’t a standout, she kind of grew on me.  That was until we started spending more time closer together and I couldn’t get away from the smell. It stays with me for hours. It affects my appetite.”

To most people Wait’s odour was noticeable but not overwhelming but to Law’s sensitive olfactory it became a deal breaker.

“I like garlic but not in a romantic way.  Coffee is good too, but I don’t want to make out with it.”

The combination of scents also reminded Law of his Mennonite grandmother which dampened his sexual interest in Wait.

“I love my gramma but when Helen reminds me of her it’s definitely a softener if you know what I mean.”

Wait’s friends at the television station refused to point out the odor problem and chalked the cancelled date up to Law being a douche bag jock.

“Everyone was so encouraging during this ordeal.  They reminded me of my intellect and personality and pointed out there were other potential partners in the production department.”

Normally, on-air celebrities like Wait would not date production underlings but with the potential of finding a younger, better looking and nose blind partner she’s willing to enter the production department.

“Ya, a lot of them are kind of geeky, techy weird and they tend to leer from time to time but I’m willing to spread my wings and see what love brings.”

Seth Poole, Operations Manager is excited about the prospect of a host dating one of guys in his department.

“This is very exciting.  I come from a factory environment in my previous career, and you would never see that sort of mixing.  I give Helen a world of credit. Heck, I might even give her a go if she’s up for it.”

We will update this story as information comes available.

Photo Credit – Tim Regan via Flickr

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