Man ‘Pretty Sure’ He’s Better At Wordle Than Everyone Else

World's best Wordle player gets word in one guess. Cunning Linguists want him kicked out of writing group Benjamin Bohner has claimed he is the best Wordle player in the world after solving the puzzle in one guess. Local writing group, The Cunning Linguist are upset and want him kicked out. Photo Credit: Bart Everson(flickr) see link below

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Self-proclaimed word master Benjamin Bohner is facing a strong rebuke from the local writing group, The Cunning Linguists, after making bold claims and taunting members of the group on social media.

“I have been getting the Wordle word in less than four tries for weeks now and twice I’ve figured out the word in 2 attempts,” current Cunning Linguist Benjamin Bohner explained. “Last Thursday I got the Wordle on the first attempt!”

Following the accomplishment, Bohner took to social media to share his triumph and declared himself the ‘World’s Best Wordle Wizard’.

“Suck it Cunning Linguist!” Bohner wrote. “I’ve been seeing all of you brag about your Wordle feats for months without once congratulating me. Now you must acknowledge my superiority!”

Bohner went on to declare himself the world’s best at Wordle after several well-written taunts from his local writing group.

Many of The Cunning Linguists leadership called for Bohner’s inclusion in the group to be reviewed.

“Our code of conduct clearly outlines bullying, bragging and bad grammar as grounds for removal from our group,” frustrated Cunning Linguits President Wendy Wendlesen stated. “We have reviewed all of Benjamin’s posts and have found all the above along with numerous spelling mistakes. He will be voted out at the next meeting.

Wendelsen went on to point out over 700 grammar, syntax and spelling errors on the CIPP-TV website and noted none of its writers were members of her exclusive and elite group.

“I don’t care if they kick me out of the group,” Bohner said. “They are just jealous I’m better at Wordle than they are. Who cares how many books they have published? I can solve a 5 letter word puzzle the best.”

“As a writing group we don’t put much weight into a silly on-line game that is based on 5 letter words,” Wendlesen shared. “We’d prefer a game that is less intellectually lazy. We’d like to see 4 or 5 syllable words used instead.

The Cunning Linquists is a local cabal of about 20 writers who hold numerous writing credits but not limited to children’s books, self-published fiction, Christian fiction, self-published non-fiction, self-published Christian non-fiction, self-published hiking guides, self-published cook books and one self-published Manga book.

Wordle has not yet confirmed Bohner’s claim of being the best Wordle player but CIPP-TV is pretty sure he is the best in the world.

Notice to readers – click here to read all about the fictional nature of this story and website along with other compelling legal statements. Wordle does not in fact have any way to determine who is the best player in the world but survey’s of social media will give you an idea of who is decent and who is terrible. Sadly, many in the world don’t play because they are not capable of spelling 5 letter words. Some of those people work and write for this website. That is not to say these fictional stories are without merit because of their spelling and grammatical errors but they don’t help with credibility. We often wonder why under paid people working at small local media outlets are lacking editing and writing skills. CIPP-TV is not in a position to offer an opinion or comment. Please be kind and enjoy your daily Wordle.

Photo Credit: Bart Everson(flickr)