Portage la Prairie Protesters Urge Koko Platz Suburb To Separate From City & Say Goodbye to Mellenville

portage la prairie protestors want koko platz suburb to separate Protestors in Portage la Prairie want to leave the City and dump Mellenville.

Portage la Prairie, MB – After decades of enduring rumours of wealth and superiority the suburb of KoKo Platz has decided to go it alone. “We are fed up with being accused of being rich, arrogant and better than everyone else,” said Mona Little, separatist organizer. “We’ve been carrying the rest of this town for years. Its time for us to say enough is enough.”

New municipal boundary for KoKo Platz

Despite the gap in average income and status being mostly mythical, residents of KoKo Platz seem ready to leave the rest of Portage la Prairie. “I can’t count how many times I’ve given my address to have someone huff and roll their eyes. They say things like, ‘it must be nice living in the ritzy part of town,’ or they call us the rich bitches,” complained Howie Dunar.

City Hall has been working hard for several years to persuade KoKo Platzers to stay. Paths near the lake have been developed, roads paved and most recently exercise equipment installed but none of it has satisfied the militant group.

“We told the mayor last year we want a bridge from KoKo Platz to the island so we don’t have to drive into the other part of town,” said Little. “What did they do? Announce they are building a new bridge where we already have one! Build what you want we are outta here.”

With KoKo Platz separation an almost certainty, the question for Portage is how will it survive without it’s strangely named, elitist enclave. “I’m not sure what they are so upset about. Most of us in the rest of town never go over there anyway,” offered north ender, Ricky Berginsky. “If they work out a deal for us to skate at the outdoor rink I’d be fine with them separating.”

The bigger issue of what to do with the suburb of Mellenville when separation occurs is far from settled. “We don’t want that wanna-be Mellenville joining us,” said Little. “They are way too close to the sewage plant for our liking. The average value of homes is way less and they still have ditches like a bunch of country bumpkins.”

Service agreements have yet to be worked out between the new municipality of KoKo Platz and the remainder of Portage la Prairie but officials are confident details can be worked out by early next year. This would pave the way to full succession in less than six months.

Photo Credit: andeecollard

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