Portage Finally Getting It Up – New Overpass Design For Hwy. 1A West Leaked

New overpass, once fully erected may look like this. Portage is very excited.

PORTAGE la PRAIRIE, MB – After almost ten years of frustration, it looks like we are finally going to get it (new overpassed) up.

Unreliable and illegitimate sources leaked the plans for a new overpass on the Trans Canada Highway just west of Portage to award winning local TV station CIPP TV.

A decade in the making, it looks like the derelict bridge hanging by a thread will be replaced by an impressive package of loops and straightaways.

Sources making up this story sent CIPP TV Channel 116 a photograph of what is to be built and it appears that once erected, the new interchange will solicit feelings of envy from across Canada.

The new construction project will not only make entry into Portage la Prairie when coming from the west fast and easy, but become a symbol of affluence and progressiveness.

Click here to read the full disclaimer and disclosure. Suffice to say this story is fictional, infantile, bawdy, lude, somewhat humorous and lacking in sophistication, making it perfect for CIPPTV and it’s viewers. Please don’t share this trying to fool people. That kind of behaviour is not recommended and will not be tolerated. But then again how would we know what you do with this. You might get someone so made they go to the real city hall and protest. That would be sad but kind of funny. Stay safe. Drink responsibly. And use conditioner.

Photo credit: from some random viewer trying to be funny who shall remain anonymous but we’ll call him “Keith”.