Police Blamed For Not Finding “Stolen” Car In Owner’s Garage

Trent Struthers blames police for not finding his missing car after his daughter Melinda Braun finds it in his garage in minutes. Photo Credit Chris Winters - see link for full information.

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Trent Struthers is calling for an inquiry after his daughter managed to find his vehicle a week after reporting it as stolen, something the police couldn’t.

“How is it that my daughter could come over to my house and find my car in my own garage in less than ten minutes and the police had been looking for a week?”

Struthers woke up on a Tuesday morning and noticed his car was missing from the driveway and immediately reported to the police.

Police came to his home within an hour and flagged the license as stolen. After several days, Struthers followed up with police but they reported no leads or sightings. 

Melinda Braun came to visit her father when he expressed his frustration with the search for his missing vehicle, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

“She was only here a few minutes when she found the car sitting in my garage, where it’s been the whole time.  Why in Sam blazes didn’t the police look there?  I’ve been without my car for over a week!”

Tire tracks leading to the garage were clearly visible in the snow, a fact Struthers feels should have lead police to his car.

“How could they not look for my missing car in my own garage?  This is complete incompetence, and I should be compensated.”

When asked why Struthers didn’t remember parking in the garage or why he didn’t notice his car sitting in his garage he could not form any words and simply stared blankly at us before repeating his claims of police mismanagement of the situation.

Police spokesperson Pete Froman couldn’t comment on this specific case but offered some general advice.

“No amount of police work can overcome the lack of intelligence we see in the general population.  We are still looking for the cure for stupid.”

When asked if Struthers’ had any responsibility for his oversight, he reiterated his claims of police incompetence and sung the praises of his daughter.

“Melinda is ten times brighter than the cops.  I’d say she should become one but she’s way too smart for that.”

Melinda Struthers is an assistant manager at a popular local chicken and pizza restaurant and drives a Toyota Camry.

Photo Credit: Chris Winters

Notice to readers:  This is fiction.  Please click here for more legal and disclaimer information.  This story was made up by real people.  That is what fiction is.  Fiction often has truth in it, but it is not fact or a true story.  There is no way this type of thing could happen anyway.  It’s ridiculous, preposterous, and unlikely at best.  No one could be that stupid.  Right?  Crazy.  Cars are large objects that should easily be found in a residential garage by anyone with average or below average intelligence.  Even blind or mostly blind people could find a car in their garage.