Ambulance Ride To Town & Miracle Get Woman To Bingo On Time

Portage la Prairie, MB – 

Evelyn Peters was home alone in the R.M. of North Norfolk wondering how she was going to get to bingo when she had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital instead.

“I was on Facebook trying to get someone to take me to town for bingo when I suddenly got dizzy and had lots of pain,” Peters said.

The woman quickly dialed 911 and an ambulance arrived within 30 minutes.  She was taken to Portage hospital with what she believed to be life-threatening symptoms.

“For sure I was having a heart attack and stroke,” Peters explained.  “My whole world was ending.  I thought I was going to die.”

EMS responders brought Peters to Portage and wheeled her into the E.R. room on a stretcher.

“I was screaming, I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die.  I need morphine.”  It was in this desperate moment when a miracle happened.

“When I looked into the face of the nurse who saw me first I knew I was going to be okay,” Peters said.

“She looked just like my dead grandfather who passed away tragically a year ago.  It was like his spirit was there with me telling me he would save me.”

The nurse’s resemblance to Peters’ grandfather, Eugene Peters had a supernatural effect on Peters and she claims to be healed in that moment.

“I believe God heard my prayers and sent my grandpa to save me,” Peters offered.  “I instantly got better and I was able to get off the stretcher.”

After a brief examination by doctors, Peters was given a clean bill of health and discharged with just enough time to make it to bingo via a shuttle.

“When something that powerful happens you better pay attention,” Peters said.  “I knew grandpa and God wouldn’t want me to waste that good luck.”

Fortunately, Peters brought her purse and lucky bingo dabbers and had time to grab a shuttle, hit the drive-thru for something to eat.

Although she didn’t win the blackout jackpot, she still feels grateful for how her day turned out.

“I thought fate was going to be on my side tonight but I only won two small pots,” Peters said.  “I guess I should be happy to have my health, and I am but I really wanted to win the blackout pot.”

Peters has been able to recover quickly from rides to the E.R.  three other times in the past to make it to bingo the same night but this is the first time she claims to have been healed on arrival to the hospital.

“If I hadn’t met my grandpa’s spirit and got that miracle there is no way I could have got to bingo in time,” Peters said.  “I was pretty lucky I guess.”

Notice to readers/disclaimer about the fictional nature of the story and the website.  The whole thing is made up folks so don’t get all upset and thinkin’ its real cause it ain’t.  Just read, laugh, enjoy and share with your like-minded and odd friends.

Photo: Andrew Skudder –