Man Grows Sympathy Belly During Wife’s Pregnancy

Husband grows his belly to support his wife during pregnancy Portage la Prairie man decides to support wife by growing his belly while she is pregnant.

Portage la Prairie, MB – A local, devoted husband is giving up his slender, fit physique for the sake of his pregnant wife.  Todd Saunders, 33, is taking empathy to a whole new level as he is allowing his body to change along with his wife who is 6 months pregnant with the couples first child.

“We call it my sympathy belly,” said Saunders.  “I noticed with my wife’s increased appetite I was eating more and exercising less and my stomach starting swelling right along with hers.”

Saunders sees his expanding belly as a symbol of support for his spouse and a way of physically participating in the pregnancy.

“I want her to feel comfortable and beautiful in her larger body.  I feel more comfortable and attractive as well,” explained Saunders.  In addition to his growing gut Saunders has noticed his breast becoming larger and more sensitive and his hair getting thicker.

Experts refer to what Saunders is experiencing as Couvade Syndrome but Meaghan Saunders calls it an expression of love.

“Its like we are pregnancy twins,” said Mrs. Saunders.  “I feel closer to Todd and that he understands more what I’m going through.”

Mr. Saunders has even experienced morning sickness after nights of beer drinking done to aid with his abdomen growth.  “Meaghan can’t drink right now but she appreciates when we can sick in the morning together.”

The Saunders say they are considering Todd keep his weight after the baby arrives to take the pressure off Meaghan to lose her baby weight and share any body shaming that might come their way.

“We are in this together, now and after the baby arrives.”

Photo Credit – Miss Pupik

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