Strawberry Pickers Removed For Breaking Picking Rules

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Experienced strawberry pickers who have complained of improper picking practices for years are rejoicing because of new enforcement measures on local farms.

After the first few days of picking, twelve people were ejected from Portage la Prairie area strawberry fields for breaching strawberry picking rules.

On day one, two people were kicked out for picking from the adjoining row and for non-thorough picking after they were caught sneaking berries off of the next row while leaving behind numerous berries on their own row.

The following day, more people were confronted and removed for attempting to over-fill their baskets and for stealing berries from other people’s rows.

Other violations included throwing of strawberries at other pickers, eating berries while picking, stepping on the plants and failing to move the row marker to the point last picked.

Strawberry producers have been working with the local police force to clean up the picking this year and so far twelve people have been charged for breaking the Strawberry Picking Protocol.

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