Nigerian Prince Brings Portage Man $20M Cheque After Emails Go Unanswered

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Benjamin Spence was surprised when a white stretch limo pulled up to his home on 9th St. N.W. but he was shocked when he saw $20 million written on a cheque for him.

Nigerian Prince Onwuatuegwu showed up on the Portager’s door after months of repeated emails had gone unanswered.  The prince had attempted to set up the transfer of funds to Spence electronically but the Portager was skeptical.

“I thought these things were just scams,” Spence said.  “I never thought in a million years a real Prince would show up at my door.  I never thought in 20 million years he’d bring me money.”

Prince Onwuatuegwu understands why Spence may have been suspicious at first.  “We regularly and randomly reach out to people offering them large sums of unwarranted money.  Sadly, most question our motives so that is why I wanted to bring this good man a cheque personally.”

The overwhelmed Spence says he will now readily answer future emails asking for his help, personal information and full financial details.  He plans on emailing the prince his new bank information after he deposits his cheque.

Spence has plans to purchase a new home in KoKo Platz or Oakville and hopes to share his windfall with family and friends, even the ones he doesn’t care for.

“For all the family I don’t like I’ll give them money to leave me alone or move away,” Spence said.

We will have further information on this story as Spence goes broke.

Notice to readers/disclaimer about this being satire.

Photo: Mark Fisher –