Woman Earns $10,000 Monthly Selling Mostly Used Bras and Underwear in Swap & Shop Facebook Group

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Kendra Peters found the Portage goose that lays golden eggs with the local Facebook group “Mom’s Swap & Shop”.  The long-time Portager joined the group last year in hopes of finding a few deals and off-loading some of her gently worn clothing but now earns over $10,000 a month.

While she admits she has to endure a lot of drama and haters, her strategy of using the free advertising to sell items she buys at garage sales, thrift stores and from other group members is making her piles of cash.

“I’m kinda hot so when I find underwear and lingerie to sell I model it,” Kendra Peters explained.  “I get lots of likes and shares from the guys and my items usually go in minutes.”

Peters became a hyper-swap & shopper and received spiteful and jealous comments from within the group.

“Those other b#tches can kiss my a%*.  I stay on top of each posting in both swap and shop groups as well as Portage Online, when I see a good item I always comment that I want it.  I only end up showing up for 10% of what I say I will but who cares?”

Portage’s original “Mom’s Swap and Shop” group saw a disgruntled splinter group form their own “Mom’s Swap & Shop” group.  Many members we spoke with were upset people who were not mothers were actively trading on both sites.

There has been an array of threats and accusations made between the rival swap and shop groups, with members who openly participate in both groups being the biggest targets.  Each group claim the other’s members use dirty tactics like not showing up to buy an item the said they would purchase, posting stolen items, selling broken or damaged goods and making negative and hurtful comments on postings.

It’s a rough place to buy and sell, but for those willing to be tough and adapt, deals are there and money can be made.

“A lot of people don’t show up but you can just keep reposting it until someone does,” Peters said.  “If you see someone else selling more than you just start talking sh%t about them until they back off.”

“I took a lot of flack for selling half-dead plants, stained men’s gitch, dirty plates and recycled toilets, but I made some good money.  So take that haters!  I’m hot and I guess sex sells.”

Calls for comment from the page administrators have gone unanswered.

More details on this story as they become available.


Photo: midwestnerd: https://www.flickr.com/photos/20553990@N06/