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New Soup Factory Being Built In Portage la Prairie

PORTAGE la PRAIRIE, MB Unconfirmed sources have provided unsubstantiated reports that a new food processor has set up shop in Portage la Prairie. Fictional figures, with close ties to the imaginary project, claim a new soup factory is being built and tested on the south edge of the city. “When driving by Portage on [...]

Researchers Identify Source Of Smell In Gladstone Rink As 1970’s Urine

GLADSTONE, MB –  For decades, arena attenders have marvelled at the scent emanating from the cozy urinals in the men’s washroom at the Gladstone rink and they are delighted to know researchers at the University of Manitoba identified the source. “It’s such a familiar smell,” Herb Friesen of Westbourne [...]

Portagers Have Fun With Foul Smell From Waste Water Treatment Facility

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, MB – As the south wind carries the tantalizing odour of feces from 13,000 Portage la Prairie arses across the city, some people complain about the unpleasant smell while many more Portagers made the choice to have some fun with it. Billy Neepawa noticed the smell while walking his mother’s cat [...]