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Portage la Prairie Must Chop Down Trees To Keep Its Name

Portage la Prairie, MB – The axe is about to fall on a big decision at City Hall.  The City of Portage la Prairie must choose between chopping down trees or having to drop the reference to “prairie” in its name. The Canadian Council For The Enforcement Of Accurate Place Names, a fresh initiative of the [...]

Man Finally Confesses To Not Knowing Nephew’s Name

Portage la Prairie, MB –  For 12 years, Art Bergen has faked his way through his relationship with his nephew and no one has been the wiser. “My brother and his wife thought they were being the hip, cool parents when they named him,” Art Bergen said.  “If they would have picked a normal name I could have [...]

Indians Want to Take Name Back From First Nations

Portage la Prairie, MB –  Indians are starting a movement to get their name and image back.  Canadians who have family roots in India are fed up with the term “Indian” being used to describe First Nations People. “It’s frustrating to have Indian food associated with bannock, wild game, wiener water [...]