News Anchor Feels Superior to Production Crew

Portage la Prairie, MB –

CIPP-TV Channel 116 has a morale problem.  MBN News anchor, Jack Hoffman(click here to read his profile), has alienated himself from the production crew by refusing to hang out with anyone other than station executives and other anchors.

A 30-year veteran, most recently from the prestigious market of Truro, Nova Scotia, has been out on the town with station owner, Ryan Coke and his wife Wonnita, Sales Manager, Robin Banks and Sports Director Marshall Law but has rebuffed overtures from the technical team to go out for a brewsky.

Hoffman decline to comment on the allegations but he did say in passing that he didn’t move to Portage la Prairie to hang out with a bunch of former French-fry factory workers.

Initial excitement and anticipation among staff members about the launch of the new station has turned to backstabbing and gossip.  Production team members vow to get back at Hoffman passive aggressively, by causing embarrassing errors on the live newscasts.

Owner, Ryan Coke, responded to the retaliation threats.  “I really don’t care what they do.  If they can’t work it out and we can’t have business as usual then f#@% them,” Coke said.  “Nobody will see it cause the ratings for our news cast will absolutely suck.  We’re only doing news to make the CRTC happy.”

Since this website is administered by those aligned with the production crew, it will provide further stories and updates that will report on what an a$$hole Jack Hoffman is.


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Marshall Law: Sports Director

Sports Director:  Marshall Law.  Marshall is a former CFL player and is affectionately called “The Bone Head” by most of his friends.  After his successful playing career was cut short by concussion related symptoms, Marshall began doing sports radio.  He is thrilled to be moving to the bright lights of television, as long as they don’t give him headaches.  If the lights become a problem Marshall will be seen wearing sunglasses while doing his nightly sports round up.  Originally, a Hamilton boy, he feels adjusting to a small town will be easy after his time with the Regina Roughriders.

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Complete Local Hockey Coverage – Get The Puck Out!

Get the Puck Out – Sports Director, Marshall Law, will go deep on the local hockey scene.  Stories on the up and coming prospects, following the careers of local pros and reminiscing with retired vets will pack a half-hour every weekend.

CIPP will pump a ton of money and resources into this show because the owner, Ryan Coke, loves hockey and we have a shot at syndicating the show to a national broadcaster because hockey rules in Canada.

Click here to read Marshall Laws profile.