Grandma Sued $250K For Evicting Family For Not Paying Rent For 20 Years

Portage la Prairie, MB –

One family is wishing Gramma would get run over by a reindeer long before Christmas after she gave them notice they have to leave.

For 20 years, Shane Wallace, his wife Sherry, and their two boys Colton and Conrad, have lived in the basement suite of Vicki Nickels, but as of Monday the family of four must find a new address.

“I let them move in when they first got married, as a favour to my son Henry,” Mrs. Nickels explained.  “I said they could stay in the basement for six months rent free until they found a place.  They’ve been here over twenty years and haven’t paid a dime in rent.”

The elderly grandmother filed legal notice to rid her of the free-loading tenants after personal pleas for them to move out were ignored.

Shane and Sherry Wallace have, in turn, filed their own law suit alleging they have been unfairly treated by their grandmother and are seeking damages of $250,000.00.  Mrs. Nickels’ home is assessed at $245,000.00.

Despite twenty years of payment free-living the Wallace family claim they cannot afford to the cost of buying or renting their own home.

“Vicki has really left us in a tight spot,” Sherry Wallace claimed.  “We deserve at least a quarter of a million dollars from her just to get on our feet.”

When asked why the Wallace’s were not able to save money for a home, or at least a down payment, during the time they were living for free and Mrs. Nickels they offered this.

“Hey we didn’t pay rent so we just came to expect it,” Shane Wallace said.  “We also thought she would have died by now and we’d inherit the house.”

Mrs. Nickels has a different perspective.  “They can go to hell if they think they are getting my house or my money.  My estate is willed to charity and these free-loaders can beat it.”

“I should have made them start paying rent a long time ago,” Mrs. Nickels said.

As for the Wallace’s, they plan on remaining in the house come Monday and are defiant they are owed compensation.

“We have nowhere to go, even if we wanted to,” Shane Wallace stated.  “We have no money.  We’ve had the rug pulled out from us.  Even if they try to force us we won’t leave unless we get a quarter of a million dollars and another free place to live.”

Sympathy for the evicted Wallaces is pouring into their GoFundMe page with over $10,000.00 raised in 24 hours.  Many are supporting them by attacking the uncaring grandmother on social media calling her out for demanding rent.

“I don’t care what they cry about,” Mrs. Nickels offered.  “After 20 years they should be able to afford to buy their own home.”

According to Facebook comments, it would seem public opinion favours the Wallace’s opinion they are entitled to more free-living and they are not responsible for squandering their money while living rent free.

“We just lived like anyone else would in our situation,” Shane Wallace said.  “We didn’t have to pay rent so we used the money to have fun, party and travel.  Nobody saves at our age.”

Police are anticipating a potential physical and violent eviction and have stationed a tactical squad at the Portage detachment in case they are needed.

Notice to readers/disclaimer about the story and website being satire.  That means fictional.  That means not real.  Click this link to read more if you don’t understand or want more information.

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Man Forced From Home & Taken to Familiar Restaurant on Father’s Day

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Ivan Waters of Portage la Prairie was forced from his home early this afternoon by his wife and adult children and taken, against his will, to the restaurant he goes to almost everyday.

“We wanted to do something nice for dad on Father’s day,” Simon Waters said.  “Dad likes Chicken Chef so we thought he and mom would like going out.”

The elder Waters did not appreciate the gesture as he was taking a nap while watching the Blue Jays game when the intruders disturbed him.

“I was in my recliner and the darn kids show up without calling first,” Ivan Waters said.  “I don’t bug them when they’re sleeping.  You should call first.  Never know when me and the Mrs. might not want to be disturbed – we don’t always nap in the afternoon.”

Waters was seen leaving his home on 10th street N.W. cussing and waving his hand in protest as he got in his son’s mini-van.  At the restaurant went on to complain to the servers and regulars about being taken out against his wishes.

“I thought it was a nice gesture,” Ida Waters offered.  “It was nice not to have to cook and wash dishes tonight.  I really appreciated it.  Ivan shouldn’t complain so much.  Father’s Day is only once a year.  He needs to suck it up, put up with the kids and be thankful.”

“I don’t like going for supper on Sunday’s,” the defiant Waters said.  “I like going out for breakfast with the fellas, who wants to have supper with the whole family.  It’s supposed to be my day, I should be allowed to watch the darn ball game if I want.”

The Waters children will wait exactly one more year until they attempt to take their father out for a meal.  Until then they will show up unannounced and expect their mother to make them a meal.

More details on this story as they become available.

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