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Pastor Fired for Being Too Much Like Jesus

Portage la Prairie, MB – After attending an all-night wedding party then preaching a sermon on the beach, a local pastor has been fired and his church closed for good. “This wasn’t the first incident.  He had been warned many times, “ Barry Dumas, Regional Director of The Domination, said.  “We’ve been [...]

Local News Reporter Gets Fired For Asking Too Many Questions

Portage la Prairie, MB – CIPP-TV reporter Kendra Pashe is getting the boot for running her mouth and asking too many questions. Portage’s local imaginary television station is going through another shakeup over editorial direction.  After the sudden severance of News Director Pat Hiscock for her left-leaning [...]

Portage News Director Fired For Not Sharing Right-Wing Perspective

Portage la Prairie, MB – New local TV station, CIPP-TV fired News Director, Pat Hiscock, after numerous complaints from politicians and business owners about her seemingly left-wing editorial perspective. “We told Pat, when we brought her in from Lloydminster, her job was to be head cheerleader for the town [...]