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Crescent Lake

TV Morning Show Host Saves Co-Worker From Frostbite By Sucking His Toes

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, MB –  Since moving to Portage la Prairie to work at CIPP-TV, Oliver Sutton has endured a lot, but his assignment on New Years Eve involved going above and beyond the call of a TV morning show host.  In frigid temperatures, Sutton, host of PP In The Morning, had to think quickly in order to save [...]

Muskrat Farm and “Muskratville” Theme Park Planned for Crescent Lake

Portage la Prairie, MB – A planned muskrat farm for Portage la Prairie’s Crescent Lake hopes to convince the RCMP to go with Manitoba muskrat for its hats. The Mounties are looking for 4,500 new winter hats and needs about 12,000 muskrats to make them and it is exactly the type of order Portage Muskrat Farms Inc. [...]

Poll Identifies Top 7 Smells Of Portage

Portage la Prairie, MB – CIPP-TV conducted a poll last week to find out what local smells Portagers identified as being the most Portage.  The results, although shocking and disturbing, will help with developing a long-term strategy on attracting new residents and business.  Five thousand people from all [...]

New Speed Limit & Safety Rules Solve Crescent Lake Path Anarchy

Portage la Prairie, MB – If speed kills, then people on the Crescent Lake path will live forever. City Hall passed new laws to restrict the speed of all path users to no more than 15km/h and will use photo radar to enforce the new limit. Citing numerous complaints and near misses, civic leaders took the needed [...]

Crescent Lake Path Woman in Bikini Top Has No Intentions of Swimming

Portage la Prairie, MB – Only days before the Portage Ex a woman was seen strolling on the path next to Crescent Lake wearing shorts, flip-flops and a bikini top.  Several drivers on Crescent Road pulled over to see if the woman was going to swim in Crescent Lake to seek relief from recent high temperatures. [...]