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Children With Rare “Vampire” Gene Severely Injured By Eclipse  

Higginsville, MO –  Today’s total solar eclipse resulted in tragedy for a Higginsville Missouri family of five when three sisters tried to peek at the solar eclipse. Anastasia, Lavinia and Selina Nicolai heard about the pending eclipse on social media and decided it was a great opportunity to venture outside [...]

City Bans Hockey & Most Sports To Protect Kids From Concussions

Portage la Prairie, MB –  One small Canadian city is taking a big stand to protect its children from catastrophic brain injuries by replacing hockey with yoga. Starting with hockey, Portage la Prairie is passing laws to have all contact sports, and all sports where accidental contact could occur, banned for those [...]

Trees With Naughty Knots To Be Covered

Portage la Prairie, MB – Nature is a little to naughty, according to a group of concerned Portage parents.  Children walking to and from school are being exposed to formations on trees in the shape of female and male genitalia. The over-sexualized trees are the target of the group of mothers led by Tara Bellamy.  [...]