Trudeau To Celebrate Marijuana Legalization By Taking A Rip From St. Claude’s Giant Pipe Oct. 17

St. Claude, MB –

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is kicking off the legalization of marijuana in a big way.

Trudeau is opting to celebrate in St. Claude Manitoba rather than Ottawa with a special afternoon ceremony at 4:20pm local time.

“There is no more fitting place to mark this historic moment,” Prime Minister Trudeau said,  “We have a bi-lingual town in the middle of Canada that has honoured its ties with France by creating the world’s largest smokable pipe.  This will be the most Canadian way to kick off the legalization of marijuana.”

Local planners buoyed by the influx of funding are planning a day long festival featuring fireworks and concerts.  A diverse line-up of artist will include Bob Dylan, Snoop Dog, Eric Church, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Willie Nelson, Drake and many more.  Special M.C.’s will be Cheech and Chong and a full roster of comedian is coming soon.

“We are thrilled to be the location for this event,” organizer Serge Demers said.  “We had people smoke weed in our big pipe before but never legally and never anyone this famous.”

Trudeau is slated to take the first rip at exactly 4:20pm followed immediately by a CF-18 fly by.  The pipe will be kept lit for up to three hours to allow attenders a chance to sample the new government issue weed free of charge.  A great selection of food trucks and concessions will be on-site all evening.

St. Claude hopes to make the event an annual one.  “Around here we are calling it the 420 on the 240,” Demers explained.  “I think we can move the weed celebration from April 20 to October 17 with the new laws in place.”

“I invite all Canadians to join us in person, on television or through the internet as we celebrate the coming of age of our nation,” Trudeau said in a statement.

More musical and comedy acts will be added to the festival as the date gets closer.

Stay tuned to CIPP-TV and check out the website for more details.

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Trudeau & “Fight For Your Right To Party” Exhibit Coming To Museum For Human Rights

Winnipeg, MB –

Primer Minister Justin Trudeau will launch a new exhibit acknowledging the right to party as a human right Canada Day 2018.

Symbolically coinciding with the legalization of marijuana, the new exhibit will celebrate Canadian youth culture through the last one hundred years and its struggle for legitimacy.

“Partying is a right of passage for teens and young adults,” exhibit designer Charles Rubin said.  “We have a young Prime Minister that gets youth culture and this addition to the museum will honour the gains Canadian young people have made.”

The naming of the new exhibit incorporates the Beastie Boys party rock anthem from the 1980’s and organizers are hopeful the band will perform at the grand opening.

“We know the band hasn’t performed the song in a long time but since we are celebrating the legalization of marijuana the same day we hope they will reconsider,” Rubin explained.

Prime Minister Trudeau will be in the province to smoke the giant pipe in St. Claude (click here to read full story) and will add the opening of the exhibit to his itinerary.

“Canada is a progressive nation and adding the right to party as a human right will help elevate our place in the world,” Rubin said.  “Pot will be legal, partying is a Canadian right, Canada is becoming a destination and Manitoba is at the heart of it.”

The museum and province are hoping for a tourism boon on Canada and the months following.

“Anyone born from the 1950’s on will connect with this new exhibit because they’ve all had to fight for their right to party,” Rubin said.

“The battle to party likely peaked in the 80’s but today’s youth still struggle at times to find the place and means to party.”

The museum hopes the increased attendance and attention for the “fight for your right to party” exhibit will expose people to the greater message of the iconic museum.  They want visitors to understand the advances in other areas of human rights are equally or possibly greater than the right to party.

“If we as Canadians didn’t enjoy so many other human rights already we wouldn’t be able to celebrate our right to party as hardily,” Rubin said.

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