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New Soup Factory Being Built In Portage la Prairie

PORTAGE la PRAIRIE, MB Unconfirmed sources have provided unsubstantiated reports that a new food processor has set up shop in Portage la Prairie. Fictional figures, with close ties to the imaginary project, claim a new soup factory is being built and tested on the south edge of the city. “When driving by Portage on [...]

Woman Horrified After Boss Finishes Her Half-Eaten Bagel During Meeting

PORTAGE la PRAIRIE, MB-  Tamara Wright thought she had seen pretty much every thing from her boss, but when she witnessed him grab her partially eaten bagel and stuff it in his mouth, she was dumfounded. “I’ve seen him do a lot of strange things over the years but this move was off the charts,” Wright said.  [...]

Portage News Director Fired For Not Sharing Right-Wing Perspective

Portage la Prairie, MB – New local TV station, CIPP-TV fired News Director, Pat Hiscock, after numerous complaints from politicians and business owners about her seemingly left-wing editorial perspective. “We told Pat, when we brought her in from Lloydminster, her job was to be head cheerleader for the town [...]

Helen Wait Asks: “Can I Get A Business?”

Can I Get a Business? – weekly look at the regions most interesting and innovative businesses.  Can you say holy infomercial Batman? Local businesses will line-up to pay to be profiled on this show.  Chamber of Commerce Veteran and Conservative Party fundraiser Helen Waite will host the regions biggest and best [...]