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Strawberry Pickers Removed For Breaking Picking Rules

Portage la Prairie, MB – Experienced strawberry pickers who have complained of improper picking practices for years are rejoicing because of new enforcement measures on local farms. After the first few days of picking, twelve people were ejected from Portage la Prairie area strawberry fields for breaching strawberry [...]

Tourists Badly Overdresses for Strawberry Picking

Portage la Prairie, MB – Chelsea Chant thought she was just dressing nice for a quick day-trip to Portage for strawberries but the Winnipeg woman created a stir at the berry patch with her wardrobe selection. Locals didn’t appreciate the overdressed woman showing up as if she was dressed for a wedding.  “Who [...]

Portage Man Uses Urinal at New Regina Stadium For Number Two 

Regina, SK – Portager, Billy Neepawa wanted to be part of the party but found himself on the outside looking in at the Winnipeg Blue Bomber/ Regina Roughriders game. Billed as the party of the year in the CFL, the game boasted long-time rivals and the christening of a shiny new stadium that is ironically the shape [...]

New Canola Inspired Perfume Proven to Sexually Arouse Farmers

Portage la Prairie, MB – A scientific breakthrough is allowing local farmer Cam Olsen to cash in on the scent of canola.  He and the Fragrance Development Centre in Portage have developed a perfume that smells like canola flowers. Packaged in bright canola yellow, the new scent is being produced and marketed for an [...]