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Guided Goose Tours To Make Portage Tourism Hotbed To Rival Churchill

Portage la Prairie, MB – Tourists from as far away as China and Egypt will soon be walking among the wild Canadian geese of Portage la Prairie. Wild Goose Chase Tours Canada will be offering guided tours that will take patrons on a dangerous and exciting adventure along Crescent Lake that will include an up-close [...]

Trees With Naughty Knots To Be Covered

Portage la Prairie, MB – Nature is a little to naughty, according to a group of concerned Portage parents.  Children walking to and from school are being exposed to formations on trees in the shape of female and male genitalia. The over-sexualized trees are the target of the group of mothers led by Tara Bellamy.  [...]

Portage Man Refuses to Drive In Winnipeg, Insists His Relatives Take Him

Portage la Prairie, MB –  It’s a case of perimeter prejudice in reverse.  For years, Winnipeggers have been accused of not wanting to drive past the city limits but now a rural trend is surfacing that is turning the tide. Henry Murray, 50, of Portage has never once ventured past the Walmart at Unicity, just [...]

Portage Mall Becomes 80’s Themed Canadian Museum of Retail History

Portage la Prairie, MB –  The ghosts of shoppers past will give way to a mall full of nostalgia seekers. The Portage Mall is transforming into a tribute to the retail shops that have come and gone in Portage la Prairie and Canada. Shoppers will soon be able to pay a small entrance fee to browse the isles of Portage [...]