Rick & Anita Siemens – Dawn of The Day Hosts

Dawn of the Day Hosts – Rick & Anita Siemens are pastors at the Portage Associated Community Church, a non-denominational, progressive, positive church in Portage la Prairie.  Former Mennonite adherents, the Siemens have drifted away from their cultural roots in an attempt to reach the broader world.  P.A.C.C. just celebrated their 20th anniversary and now boast an average attendance of over 1,500 each week.  Rick and Anita have been featured in Charisma Magazine and named two of the “people to watch” by Christianity Tomorrow Online.

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Helen Wait – Can I Get A Business? Host

Can I Get a Business? Host – Helen Waite.  Helen has been active in various Chambers of Commerce and has been involved in the Conservative Party as a fundraiser for 20 years.  She can’t wait to visit local businesses and tell their story.

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Marissa Moosetail – Pow WOW! Host

Pow Wow host – Marissa Moosetail.  Marissa has a diploma in broadcast journalism and has been working at an online reporter for Anishinaabe News Now for almost two years.  Marissa is an avid golfer and loves shopping and eating out with friends.  She will be staying with family in Portage to help make her transition easier.

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Chuckles Plenty – PP After School Host

PP After School – Host – Chuckles Plenty.  This pathetic, washed-up kid’s entertainer has ripened with bitterness after 12 years in the live entertainment business.  He’s done birthday parties, graduation celebrations, socials, bachelorette parties and pow wows.

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Marshall Law: Sports Director

Sports Director:  Marshall Law.  Marshall is a former CFL player and is affectionately called “The Bone Head” by most of his friends.  After his successful playing career was cut short by concussion related symptoms, Marshall began doing sports radio.  He is thrilled to be moving to the bright lights of television, as long as they don’t give him headaches.  If the lights become a problem Marshall will be seen wearing sunglasses while doing his nightly sports round up.  Originally, a Hamilton boy, he feels adjusting to a small town will be easy after his time with the Regina Roughriders.

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Jack Hoffman & Iona Stonehouse – MBN News@6 & News@11 Anchors

News Anchors:  Jack Hoffman & Iona Stonehouse.  Jack is a 30-year newsman from Swift Current Saskatchewan who has been the news anchor in Truro Nova Scotia for the last 9 years.  Iona is a Cree journalist with 15 years of experience in television, blogging and radio.  Her and her husband look forward to moving to Manitoba from the Montreal area.

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Mike Sweeney & Betsy Sass – Lunch With Sass and Sweeney Hosts

Midday Hosts:  Mike Sweeney and Betsy Sass.  Mike comes to us from Medicine Hat and has been working as a TV reporter in small markets for 13 years.  He’s never been able to land an anchor gig until now.  Betsy Sass escaped Thunder Bay after 8 years as their weather expert.  After sending out hundreds of audition tapes to places as far way as Turkey she secures her first anchor position at a medium-sized Canadian market TV Station.

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