Homeschool Romances On The Rise

teen students now being homeschooled are starting to flirt with each other There are several reports from new homeschool settings where sibling students are finding each other attractive and engaging in unnatural behaviour like flirting. Experts say these hormonal urges will pass. Is this kid eying up his sister?

AUSTIN, MB – With the increase in homeschooling, homeschool teachers are reporting a disturbing new trend with new students transitioning from public school.

“Since almost 100% of homeschool kids are siblings, we’ve never thought this would become a problem,” Cecelia Rogers, President of The Homeschoolers of America’s local chapter, said.  “This is quite concerning.”

Reports have been coming in from around Austin and other areas that several new homeschool students are making statements on social media about their siblings attractiveness.

Meredith from Austin stated her brother “is actually a lot cuter and funnier than before.”

Kendall from nearby Sydney Manitoba said on Instagram “Ben(her brother) used to be so annoying but now I think he’s cute.”

Kenneth from near Brandon claimed “my sister smells really nice and I see why my friends think she’s hot.”

“We received reports from many parents telling us they have noticed behavior that they would consider flirting if it wasn’t between brother and sister,” Rogers said. “Now there hasn’t been any evidence of dating or physical romance outside a large family near Baldur where cousins are being taught in the same house.”

Experts indicated that while the behaviour is alarming it is somewhat to be expected.  Once the students are removed from their normal public school environment where sexual tension is standard they can develop “unnatural” flirting and mild attraction to siblings.

“With teenagers and their raging hormones that energy has to go somewhere,” Rogers explained.  “Normally after a few weeks adjustment phase they will go back to hating their sibling.”

Things are considerably different for cousins being educated together Rogers points out.  “I was homeschooled and my parents were homeschooled and in both cases we married cousins we went to school with.  It is fine as long as you do some blood and DNA testing before having kids and your parents sign the paperwork if you are under 18.”  

Rogers was 16 when she married her cousin Ted and the two now have three relatively normal children.

“I guess you could say we are the homeschool romance exception,” Rogers said.  “It worked out great for us and we want to give our kids the same opportunity.  That and because by homeschool standards our kids are almost normal.”

“For most long-time homeschoolers the romance thing will never come up.  Mostly because regular homeschool students are quite religious and forbidden from romantic urges until the are ready to get married.  A lot of these problems with romance are the kids who have been brought up in secular environments like public schools.”

Most experts agree the best way to handle budding homeschool romances is to simply yell “That’s your brother(or sister) you idiot” at your child and that should shock them out of it.  Alternatively, you may just have a younger sibling catch them in the act of flirting and say “ewww, you’re so gross.”

Photo Credit – Jim the Photographer

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