Man Discovers Which Body Hair Grows Fastest

Man uses time off work to discover which body hair grew the fastest Rick Harper of Portage la Prairie used his time off work to shave his entire body and then track the rate his body hair grew back.

PORTAGE la PRAIRIE, MB – Rick Harper decided to use his extended time away from work for some self study and scientific research.

“I always wondered how fast body hair grew and which type of body hair grew the quickest,” Harper shared. “When I started working from home I decided to shave my entire body and start a daily log of how fast my hair grew back.”

The scientific community is still buzzing over Harper’s detailed accounts and is now seeing how his findings can be applied to future hair loss treatments.

“I’m basically middle-aged and have hair growing everywhere on my body so I thought I would be a perfect test subject. Shaving the first day took the longest and I ended up going through 18 disposable razors.”

It was the first time Harper had been body hairless since he was eleven and he admitted to feeling quite free and light.

“I had this feeling like I was like really aerodynamic,” Harper said. “Well at lest for the first 36 hours.”

Harper tracked his daily hair growth and created a video log that CIPP-TV is considering turning into a reality television series.

“In the end all the hair grew back even thicker and lusher, except for my head. I didn’t trim anywhere for weeks and started to look like a sasquatch.”

In addition to his daily measurements that were done to the millimeter, Harper published his own top ten list of fastest growing locations for body hair.

“When you start paying close attention to it I started noticing nuances in how long and fast the hair was growing in very specific places on my body. My leg hair wasn’t uniform and my thighs grew in a lot faster than shins. I had flash points of growth around each nipple and my right chest grew faster than the left.”

Harper is unsure if he will leave all his body hair as it is or which area he will begin trimming and by what method.

“I think for my next study I might test how effective some of the different hair removal methods are and if they have any impact on re-growth.”

Harper has certainly found a beneficial use for his hairiness and is excited to share his discoveries with the world.

Here is Rick Harper’s top ten list of fastest growing body hair.

10. Upper back just below top of shoulders.

9. Inner thighs.

8. Buttocks.

7. Pubic region.

6. Back of neck to shoulders.

5. Right nipple/chest area.

4. Nose hairs just inside the nostril.

3. Tie – top of toes and knuckles.

2. All areas around moles.

1. Ear.

Photo Credit: Ben

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