33-Year-Old Woman Learns She Is Illegitimate At Parents’ 30th Anniversary

Mike and Lisa McClintock at 30th anniversary where their 33 year old daughter learned she was a bastard Mike and Lisa McClintock's daughter Jennifer was shocked by the revelation she was born before her parents were married. Her cousin, Evan, provided the surprise at the McClintock's anniversary.

PORTAGE la PRAIRIE, MB – The McClintocks planned a wonderful anniversary celebration for friends and family but they weren’t counting on what actually went down last Saturday.

Jennifer Wolgemuth, Lisa and Mike McClintock’s daughter was in charge of most of the arrangements for the party but soon lost control of her emotions once a joke from a cousin took a sour turn.

Evan McClintock decided to tease his older cousin just before she went up to start the formal part of the event. McClintock referred to Wolgemuth as a “bastard” and “love child” of the anniversary couple in his snide comment.

Growing up in a religious family Wolgemuth suddenly realized the truth behind the teasing.

“She was seconds away from going up to start the speeches and she just froze,” Wolgemuth’s sister Karen shared. “We had no idea she didn’t know mom and dad had her before they were married. The rest of clued in a long time ago.”

The McClintocks never talked openly about the circumstances surrounding Jennifer’s creation and birth. They assumed their daughter knew but was just being polite in never bringing it up.

“Sure, when she was young and times were a little less accepting, we didn’t go around calling her a bastard but we had no idea she was that dumb,” Lisa McClintock said.

“We had our moral failings to hide at first but after she was a teenager most of the family figured it out,” Mike McClintock offered. “We never really talked openly about it because most of our family is religious and they are still are uncomfortable with the topic. But she should have figured it out a long time ago.”

Wolgemuth is still upset about the incident and is in the care of a Christian counsellor but refuses to speak publicly about the incident. Sadly, her own two children aged 8 and 10 were already aware of fact mommy had more birthdays than gramma and grandpa had anniversaries.

“Jennifer always thought she was a little better than most of us,” Lisa McClintock said. “This has really knocked her down a peg or two. If we had known she wasn’t aware we would have popped her bubble years ago.”

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Photo Credit: Adam Baker