Portage Night Club Keeps Exotic Dancers Employed By Launching Meat & TP Delivery Service

portage bar dog and banjo uses strippers to deliver meat and toilet paper like boober eats but called pooper eats

PORTAGE la PRAIRIE, MB – Inspired by the new Boober Eats service local bar, The Dog and Banjo, has come up with a creative way to keep its exotic dancers and staff employed.

“We loved the Boober Eats idea but we don’t have any food to deliver so we came up with the idea to partner with a local deli to deliver their stuff around Portage,” Dog and Banjo owner Perry Roulette said.  “We also got a large shipment of toilet paper so we thought we’d help out in these troubled times by having our ladies deliver both.”

The program is called Pooper Meats and an app will be available soon.  Anyone within 30 miles of Portage la Prairie can order from Mona’s Deli and dancers from the Dog and Banjo will provide same day delivery.  “We do have a limit on the toilet paper and you can request your favorite dancer if you want,” Roulette explained.  “We do encourage you to tip the girls generously.”

Delivery drivers will dress in provocative outfits made only of toilet paper and will pose for pictures for an additional fee.

“We thought the toilet paper outfits were kinda creative and unique.  If the weather turns cold the ladies may have to wear a parka over top but that just comes with the territory of doing this in Canada.”

Local dancers who will be available for delivery include: Verna, Maude, Ethel, Kevin, Agnes, Rosa, Ricky, Olive, Peggy, Bob and Bertha.

Click here for the full disclaimer/disclosure.  If you thought this was real – wow – you may be an idiot.  Although to be fair truth can be stranger than fiction but don’t be mistaken this is fiction.  Now there are still some out there that don’t know what fiction means.  Google it.  Bing it.  Yahoo it.  But be careful you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet.  You certainly can’t believe anything on this site to be real.  It is all fictional.  Okay, fictional means “made up”, created, imanginary – you get it right?  Right?

Headline Photo Credit: Steve R

Story Photos Credit: Kate Webster