Secluded Portagers To Sing Doc Walker & Double Eagle Band Songs This Friday Night

Doc Walker and Double Eagle Band music to help ease seclusion in Portage la Prairie The music of Doc Walker and The Double Eagle Band will be performed by Portagers' front steps across the city on Friday Night in support of self isolation efforts.

PORTAGE la PRAIRIE, MB – Cooped up Portage residents will be celebrating the music of their hometown music heroes by taking to their front steps this Friday night.

After seeing how Montrealers sung Leonard Cohen songs to each other last week, Portage la Prairie’s Billy Neepawa came up with the idea.

“I thought, who was our Leonard Cohen?” Billy Neepawa explained.  “For the current generation it was Doc Walker and for the older generation it was The Double Eagle Band.  I started a Facebook group and got 14 people to commit to singing a Beautiful Life and Homegrown to start and then we’ll see where it goes.”

Doc Walker and The Double Eagle Band have dominated the music charts for over four decades and have become the quintessential Portage bands.

“Doc Walker, he is one of the greatest country music singers of all time,” Neepawa said.  “And I grew up listening to hit after hit from The Double Eagle Band on CFRY radio.  Back in the day my favourite announcer was Country Dave Moran, or something like that.”

CIPP –TV pointed out that Doc Walker was a band/duo and not a person but Neepawa was convinced otherwise.

“I met Doc Walker a couple times here in Portage.  Got his autograph and my picture taken with him.  He is one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.  I’m just so excited to celebrate him and The Double Eagle Band this way.”

The music will start at 7pm Friday night and Neepawa hopes to have every block in Portage covered with music.

“I’ve got lots of guitar and banjo players registered but we’ve got some accordion players, drummers, flutists, pianists, I gotta be careful how I say that.  We even have some kids with band instruments and recorders.  You’ll hear a version of Doc Walker you’ve never heard before but it will be awesome.”

Neepawa hopes to find a way to livestream as many of the performances as he can and encourages everyone to join his Facebook group to get more information.

“The more people we have sign up for the Facebook group the better.  It would be nice to have like 20 or 30 people sign up.”

Click here to read the full disclosure and disclaimer.  This story and website are fictional.  Portage la Prairie, Doc Walker, The Double Eagle Band are very real and quite famous but this story is fictional.  Billy Neepawa isn’t even real.  He’s just an imaginary character.  If he was real he’d be quite a character, perhaps to large for life.  It is doubtful Portage la Prairie could contain anyone as amazing and enormous as Billy Neepawa.  Remember to like and share responsibly and not to trick you friends and neighbours into thinking this will actually be happening.  If you feel inspired you could crank up the stereo, open the front door and play Doc Walker and The Double Eagle Band on 11. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Rob’s Six Page