Employee Farts To Cover Cough And Social Distance From Co-workers

Sean Neudorf is going to be employee of the month here he sits at his work station CIPP TV Creative Services Producer, Sean Neudorf is happy to receive an award for social distancing from Human Resources department.


What started as an HR complaint turned into and award.  CIPP TV Creative Services Producer, Sean Neudorf began his day by deciding to turn an unfortunate habit into something useful.  He developed a slight cough and wanted to continue working so he took to farting each time he felt a tickle in his throat to cover the sound and drive his co-workers away.

“Sean is generally disgusting,” Promotions Manager, Tess Teckle said.  “He’s always farting and doing gross things.  I can’t believe HR gave him an award.

The television station’s HR department were quick to acknowledge and commend Neudorf’s efforts in light of recent health concerns and the call to social distance.

“Sean used his natural gifts and creativity to force his co-workers to stay more than the recommended 6 feet away,” Station Owner Ryan Coke said in a written statement.  “In this age of social distancing and social isolation Sean is to be commended for his actions and will receive a $10 gift card and our employee of the month honours.”

Several employees accuse Sean of being annoying and feel his actions had little to do with recent public health concerns.  Many believe his regular consumption of beer and nachos cause him to fart, almost at will on a daily basis.

“I have to admit I’m a little surprised I got an award,” Sean Neudorf said through the bathroom stall.  “I almost crapped myself by Tess’ desk.  I heard her gag and call HR.  Most of the time I just sit in my cubicle and write bad TV commercials sometimes people pop by and chat.  Now when I hear them coming I just let one go so I can watch YouTube without interruption.”

Neudorf has admitted to “sharting” many times and attributes the small wet spot on the back of his pants as being caused by his attempts to social distance.

“Yeah, I got a little rust in the back end.  Most of the time it comes out in the wash so I’m not worried.”

Randy Love, Neudorf’s manager, didn’t want to comment on the specifics of the issue but is generally known as a supporter of flatulence in the workplace and encourages his entire department to fart when they feel like it.

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