“Voices” From Abandoned North End Institute Help Student Get Perfect Grades

Kyle Pongonski from La Verenedrye School gets perfect grades thanks to the voices he hears in his mind La Verendrye student Kyle Pongoski has started getting perfect marks thanks to the chorus of voices he now hears from the old Institution Complex in Portage la Prairie's north end.


Two months ago, Kyle Pongoski was barely passing grade 7 at La Verendrye School on the north side of Portage la Prairie.  Kyle was often disinterested with school and his parents were discouraged by his poor performance.

“Kyle was really unmotivated to do any school work at all, “ Marjorie Pongosksi explained.  “As a mother it broke my heart to see him fail so many tests and get depressed about it.”

Some would call the turnaround in Kyle’s academic performance a miracle.  He went from a D average to straight A’s in within 8 weeks.  Teachers and administration are now unable to explain the transformation.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,“ teacher Brenda Norwich said.  “Kyle’s IQ lined up with his marks.  It’s not like he was underachieving in our estimation.  He straight out wasn’t very smart.”

While his parents and educators are baffled as to why Kyle is now getting perfect scores on all his tests, Kyle feels he knows exactly why he is doing so well.  

“A couple months ago I woke up to those weird noises from the old institution,” Kyle said.  “We just live down the street from it.  It was the middle of the night and it was like I knew I was supposed to go there.”

Sneaking out at around 3am, Kyle claims he felt a rumbling coming from the Old Institution Complex and was compelled to go the old decommissioned military facility.

“I remember trying to climb the fence and getting this like electrical charge and then I blacked out.  I don’t remember anything after that until I woke up in my bed at 7:30am.”

The Pongoski’s have no knowledge of Kyle leaving or returning and believe their son dreamed the incident.  What happened after Kyle’s “calling” gets even stranger.

“That morning I had a test at school that I never even tried to study for, “Kyle said.  “Normally I just write in random stuff and hand it back in, but that morning was so different.  For each question I read in my mind I heard a bunch of, like, voices telling me the answer.  It was freaky but I got a hundred per cent.  First time ever!”

The phenomenon of being able to hear the answers from a chorus of voices continues for Kyle and he has become the top student in his class.

“I gotta say going to school is a lot of fun now.  Knowing everything, or at least hearing the answers to everything is pretty cool.  I pretty much know more than my teacher now.”

Kyle’s parents are not sure about the “voices” telling him things but are grateful their son is enjoying school for the first time in his life.  The school has recommended they take Kyle for psychological and physical assessments and are concerned for his mental health.

“Hearing voices isn’t normal and usually tied to mental health issues,” Norwich said.  “We are happy for Kyle but are quite concerned.  This is not normal.”

Initial doctor’s visits have revealed nothing sinister as the cause but Kyle is now awaiting appointments to specialists to determine the source of the voices.  

“I tried telling the doctor I’m not like schizophrenic or something and I never banged my head,” Kyle said.  “I’m not hearing voices in my head.  They don’t tell me to do things.  They are from the Institution.  There is a bunch of them all together and they kind of chant the answers to me.”

Photo Credit – Dustin Moore – 

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