Sasquatch Spotted In Portage la Prairie’s North End Corner Store

Sasaquatch or big foot spotted in Portage la Prairie's north end buying Old Dutch Chips, Pepsi and Lottery tickets Another Sasquatch sighting in Portage la Prairie's north end, this time it went into the North End Corner Store and Deli.


A recent report indicates a Sasquatch sighting at the North End Corner Store and Deli late last week.

This is the seventh report of a Sasquatch in the Portage la Prairie area in the last month coming from the North End.

Witnesses said they saw the beast strolling down Fifth Avenue at around 10:30pm on Friday.  The Sasquatch entered the North End Corner Store and Deli using the front door and purchased Old Dutch Chips (salt and vinegar and ketchup) a two litre of Pepsi and lottery tickets.

Employs of the store did not realize the customer as a Sasquatch initially but after they reviewed the security footage they confirmed it was a big foot.

Authorities are unsure where the Sasquatch is living but they assume it is somewhere in the North End and that he does not have access to an automobile or bicycle.

They remind residents to be mindful of Sasquatch and not to engage them in an aggressive or sexual manner.  You should never post the whereabouts of Sasquatch on social media and never mention them to those from outside of Portage la Prairie.

All communication regarding Sasquatch will be monitored and violators of the policy will be apprehended.

Photo Credit – Paul Sableman 

Disclaimer – click here for the full disclosure and legal information.  This website is entirely fictional and not real.  Sasquatches are real.  Portage la Prairie is real.  Nothing else in this story is, we made it all up.  Please don’t mention this article to anyone outside of Portage la Prairie.  It is only for Portage la Prairians and poses an immediate threat to all those outside of Portage who may read it.  If you have read it and you are beyond the borders of the City of Portage la Prairie, please take the orange pill and clear your browser history and delete all cookies.  The orange pill should erase your memory of this within 40 minutes.  During that time please refrain from using the bathroom, telephone and all social media.  Godspeed.