Urinal To Be Installed In Women’s Washroom “Just In Case”

A new urinal has been installed in the women's washroom at CIPP TV Channel 116


A slow moving drain wasn’t the only puzzling piece of work the plumbers from Newfelt’s Plumbing Heating & Electrical encountered during their most recent trip to local TV station CIPP Channel 116 (on the internet).

Station owner, Ryan Coke, randomly and flippantly asked the crew to install a brand new urinal in the women’s wash room.  The handsome plumber from Newfelt’s Plumbing & Heating was sure the man was speaking in error and wanted to make sure Coke was not intending for the urinal to go in the men’s washroom.

“I want a urinal in the women’s washroom just in case,” Ryan Coke explained.  “I’ve had a lot of female employees including my wife, former Strawberry Festival Queen Wonnita, mention to me they may want to use a urinal at some point in the future.  They just don’t feel comfortable going in the men’s room to use it.”

CIPP-TV staff assigned to writing and posting this story approached the majority of the female employees at the television station, including Wonnita Harrison-Coke, and none indicated a desire to use a urinal at any time.

‘Maybe we can use it as a planter,” Promotion Manager, Tess Teckle said.  “I guess the ladies that like to chew tobacco could use it as a spittoon.”

To date most women have used the new urinal as a place to dump their left over coffee and hot beverages.  Most admit to finding enjoyment and satisfaction in using the flushing handle on the top of the new fixture.

“It’s kind of fun to give the handle a pull on the way by, “Saturday Night Videos host, Vivica Rhianna Meeches offered.  “It’s like having a little water feature in the washroom.  I find it soothing.”

The good-looking and toned plumbers from Newfelt’s Plumbing Heating & Electrical are concerned about the new urinal not holding up for the warranty period.  Most urinals in men’s washrooms don’t get regularly flushed so the mechanism holds up for decades.

“I’m glad we made the necessary investments to give the ladies their own urinal,” Coke said.  “I want to show everyone that I am a great boss with great ideas.  And who knows, if ever the men’s can is full and I need to take a leak I can now just pop in the women’s washroom and use the urinal.”

After hearing Coke’s last comment the female staff of CIPP TV are deciding what kind of plant to install in the new urinal.

Photo Credit – Laura Hadden

Notice to readers/disclaimer – click here to read the advanced and more developed disclaimer full of legal language and warnings.  While urinals and Portage la Prairie are real, CIPP-TV, the individuals mentioned, the story and website are fictional and humorous.  Portage la Prairie can be humorous as well but this website shares no responsibility in that.  All this to say, this story is not real it is made up.  We do not know why we have to keep explaining this to people.  Urinals are quite funny on several levels and the idea of urinals in women’s washrooms is hilarious.  Well, at least it is to us.  Could be wrong though.  Stay alert.