Byfuglien’s Norwegian Nephew Shares Reasons For Departure From Hockey


According to Dustin Byfuglien’s nephew, Arvid Knutsen, the former Winnipeg Jet has taken a vow of silence and poverty while exploring his ancestral spiritual roots in Norway and its the main reason why he is stepping away from the game in his prime.

Knutsen has told CIPP – TV’s Get The Puck Out host, Marshall Law, that Byfuglien visited him in Trondheim Norway this summer and was introduced to an order of Norwegian monks.

“Ya, Dustin he was here to fish with me and my cousin Frode Hagen,” Arvid Knutsen said.  “We were out in the boat when we saw some monks fishing nearby.  Dustin, he started chatting with them and later that night went to the monastery.”

In the monastery outside of Trondheim Byfuglien had a spiritual awakening and decided to join the order of monks for the rest of the summer.

“He (Byfuglien) loves to fish and hunt and the Trondheim monks do both all year.  In the winter the ice fishing is incredible,” Knutsen explained.  “At the end of summer Dustin told me he was going back to Winnipeg to get his stuff and come back to the monks.”

In September Byfuglien returned to have one last skate with his team mates before heading back to Norway to become a monk.

Norwegian cousin Frode Hagen shares the reasons why Byfuglien has chosen to leave the NHL and the Winnipeg Jets.

“He likes hockey but loves fishing,” Hagen said.  “The monk lifestyle appealed to him and its in our family with Dustin’s great grandfather starting out as a monk.  He has taken a vow of silence and will not speak for an entire year.  Also he took a vow of poverty before moving into the monastery.”

Hagen’s explanation is the only plausible one for Byfuglien’s sudden departure from the Winnipeg Jets.  He took a great leap toward poverty by passing up over $14 million in salary and it appears the vow of silence has taken effect as no one has heard from the big man in months.

“Ice fishing in Trondheim is going really well right now,” Knutsen offered.  “Some say it is a record year and Dustin is loving it.  It’s nice having him in Norway for a while.”

Perhaps Byfuglien will consider swapping the monk’s robes for hockey gear and play for the Norwegian national team at some point after he gets his release from the Winnipeg Jets and NHL.

Photo Credit – Johan A

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