Constipated Cat Almost Kills Owner

Portage la Prairie, MB – An icy disagreement sends a local man to hospital and causes his cat to become constipated.

Billy Neepawa, 48, of Portage la Prairie found himself cold and alone in the snow after his attempts to help his cat go to the bathroom outside almost turned deadly.

With the recent snow and extreme cold, Neepawa’s cat Rufus refused to go outside while turning his nose up at the indoor litter box so Neepawa took to the back yard wearing nothing but snow boots and a robe to shovel a path and poop area for his favorite feline.

“It’s ridiculous.  The cat gets up at four in the morning moaning and meowing so I have to get up with it.  I opened the door but he wouldn’t go outside even though he had to go.  I took him down stairs and showed him the litter box but even after I showed him how to dig in it he wouldn’t use it,” said a recovering Neepawa.

Neepawa had successfully cleared a path and litter area for the cat in the early morning cold but the situation turned dangerous when he showed Rufus his new winter outhouse.  “Rufus just looked at me and meowed and bolted back to the house,” said Neepawa.

He became tangled with the cat, slipped on the ice-covered step and fell.  Rufus was lucky enough to get inside but the door locked behind him leaving Neepawa laying in the snow with a twisted ankle.  With no keys in his robe or boots Neepawa hobbled to several neighbours looking for help before he found someone to open the door at the early morning hour.  By then, Neepawa was suffering from frost bite and hypothermia and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

Neepawa is now back home recovering with his cat who required an enema from a local vet to solve his constipation.  “Rufus is feeling a lot better now but he still won’t poop outside and has starting crapping in my boots instead.”

Photo Credit – Predi

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