City Of Portage Sells City Hall Bell To Bring Taco Bell To Town

Portage la Prairie City Hall bell sold to Taco Bell restuarant Portage la Prairie will sell city hall bell to fast food giant, Taco Bell.
Excitement is growing amongst Taco Bell enthusiasts.
Excitement is growing amongst Taco Bell enthusiasts. Portager, Harry Enns, shows off his newly inked commemorative tattoo.

Portage la Prairie, MB – Portagers will soon have their bell rung by a Mexican, fast-food icon three times a day.

Along with opening a long-awaited franchise, Taco Bell will revive interest and excitement in our city’s historic bell.

Portage lost a special part of its character when the new, virtually silent version of the bell was installed.  For generations, the bell rang out several times a day, and could be heard in every corner of town but now it is a quiet hint to a glorious past.

Once open in a few short months, Taco Bell will crank up the volume and reclaim the bells original sound. The Mexican fast-food market leader will clang the old City Hall bell at noon, 6pm and 9pm each and every day.

“We looked at coming to Portage for years, but when we heard the city was willing to sell the bell we knew we had a great marketing tool,” Taco Bell spokesperson, Jeanette Akenja-Nearing said.

“The old City Hall bell has such a history in Portage.  People used to mark their day by its ringing.  Now they can do the same again and hopefully think of our restaurant.”

Local fans of Mexican cuisine are excited about the new eatery and the resurrected bell.  “Every time I hear the bell at noon and supper I can make a run for the border,” Portager, Joanna Hand said.  “Then when I hear the bell at 9 at night I’ll make a run for the bathroom.  It’ll be like my trips to Mexico.”

The taco chain was able to buy the bell for $10,000.00 from the City of Portage who will use the money to fix the waste water treatment facility.

Taco Bell plans on mounting and displaying the bell outside the front of the restaurant on a twenty-foot high bell tower.  Once the new location is completed, Taco Bell will be shooting a series of television commercials to be aired nationally featuring the old City Hall bell.

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