Congregation Stressed As Church Service Runs Late: Band Can’t Find Ending of Song

The Portage Church had members of its congregation experience time related anxiety The Portage Church had their service run late due to the worship band not being able to find the ending of the closing song.

Portage la Prairie, MB –

Worshippers at The Portage Church experienced hunger pains and time-related anxiety when their Sunday service didn’t end until 12:30pm on Sunday morning.

With about five minutes left in the hour-long service, the worship band took the stage for the final number.  That would normally be more than enough time for the song and the pastor’s final prayer but here was a mix up between the person running the power point and the band leader causing the final verse of the song to be lost.

The local congregation eliminated hymnals over a decade ago but never thought something this terrible could occur.

“I’ve never been part of anything like this before,” church member Mark Mywords said.  “Once we got to quarter after twelve I thought something was wrong. “

“My tummy started to hurt ten minutes into the song,” Marion Mooney said.  “It was a new song I hadn’t sung before so I didn’t know what to do.  It was all so disturbing.  Church shouldn’t be disturbing.”

No one from the church would comment on the record but they did confirm there was a problem with the last song and the service was delayed.

Sources from the church claim the band leader and the audio/video tech person were being disciplined by being asked to serve in kid’s church indefinitely.

Since the incident, The Portage Church has seen a drop in attendance with many people staying home to manage the time-related anxiety sparked by the lengthy service.  Those who are attending have been seen bringing in snacks and bottled water in case the service should go long again.

Worship Pastor, Max E. Mum offered reassurances to congregants.  “Although modern worship music is often repetitive and hypnotic, we will make sure we can find the ending to all songs we perform and that musicians, singers and tech people are all aware of the ending.”

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