New Soup Factory Being Built In Portage la Prairie

New soup factory for Portage la Prairie A new soup factory is being built and tested just south of Portage la Prairie on the south by-pass.


Unconfirmed sources have provided unsubstantiated reports that a new food processor has set up shop in Portage la Prairie.

Fictional figures, with close ties to the imaginary project, claim a new soup factory is being built and tested on the south edge of the city.

“When driving by Portage on the south by-pass we noticed a familiar odour,” explained Frank, an imaginary tourist from California.  “We thought a local restaurant was making soup so we took the Southport exit into town looking to get a bowl.”

IMG_1405The fictional soup plant has been cooking up the comfort food and shipping it out in tanker trucks accounting for the familiar odour wafting from the south part of the city on warm summer nights.  It has been attracting passers-by and making Portage la Prairians hungry.

“It’s a great idea.  Having a soup factory next to the highway and sub-division.  It will really attract people to come into town.  If the aroma of fries doesn’t get you first the odour of soup will seal the deal,” said imaginary Portage resident Phil.

Although there has been no official word or reports from local, credible, media outlets the sight of tanker trucks leaving the facility and the large holding tanks do indicate something is being produced at the location. The large flame, easily seen at night, may also indicate a new line of BBQ soup flavours are in development.

Portage has a proud history of soup production and could once again become a hub for soup production.  “I remember living in the north end in the 80’s.  They’d be cooking onion soup and we could smell it everywhere.  It was great.  I still eat a lot of soup,” recalls Phil.

The Portage area lost its soup factory in the 90’s so the new processor is a welcome, albeit fictional, addition to the local economy.IMG_1406

“We are looking into attracting further soup development by changing the city slogan,” said an imaginary local official.  “City of possibilities could be scrapped for, “Is somebody making soup?” if that’s what it takes to attract business.”

Officials from the non-existent plant are quick to warn local officials about getting too involved in their business.  “Too many cooks can spoil the soup,” they said.

Regardless, the aroma therapy from their plant alone out-weighs any negatives associated with the project.  Progress is possible in the city of possibilities that is proud of its past and primed for the future.

Notice to readers/disclaimer – this is a fictional story and a fictional website.  We don’t pretend to be real.  We are not fake news or fake crap.  We are imaginary, like most of our friends.  Click here to read more about this.  No one really knows why this website exists or if anyone thinks this is the least bit funny or entertaining.  The mental health of the creators of this site may be in question.  Vegetables and brown beans forever!


Photo credit of feature image – Paul Sableman