Woman Horrified After Boss Finishes Her Half-Eaten Bagel During Meeting

Boss eats employees half finished bagel during meeting Portage la Prairie Woman was surprised when her boss finished her half-eaten bagel during department head meeting.


Tamara Wright thought she had seen pretty much every thing from her boss, but when she witnessed him grab her partially eaten bagel and stuff it in his mouth, she was dumfounded.

“I’ve seen him do a lot of strange things over the years but this move was off the charts,” Wright said.  “What kind of weirdo would eat food you’ve already bitten into?”

The mysterious play for her bagel happened during a weekly department head meeting when her boss Kent Allenson, arrived late and hi-jacked the meeting.

“He often shows up late and starts talking over everyone,” Wright explained.  “He thinks by talking loud and interrupting we won’t notice he is late.”

While pontificating vigorously he became distracted by his own rhetoric and spotted the partially eaten onion bagel with cream cheese sitting on a plate next to Wright.

“He glanced at it a couple of times while he was droning on about some random nonsense.  In mid sentence he grabbed the bagel and took a bite,” Wright said.  “I thought he would realize his mistake and put it back but he hung onto it and finished it off in three bites.”

The meeting lasted another forty-five minutes until Allenson ran out of energy and interest until he congratulated himself by saying, “I did good!  We are done.”

“He often ends our meetings that way,” Wright said.  “We never know what they are about, there is never an agenda, it’s just Allenson holding court for an hour.”

Allenson provided no indication he was aware of the social and food safety faux pas during the entire meeting.  He declined to return our multiple requests for an interview.

“He never returns calls or texts,” Wright said.  “When you finally track him down he always has some crazy made-up excuse.”

Numerous employees at Allenson Adventures Inc. say Allenson is prone to erratic behaviour like wearing two left shoes, forgetting to comb his hair, going bare foot around the office and constantly wearing other people’s jackets.

“He wore my winter coat home last year at Christmas,” Wright said.  “It was a woman’s full length coat.  The only thing resembling his jacket was the colour.  He wore a long woman’s coat home without noticing.  Yeah, that kind of sums up the kind of idiot he is.”

“It’s like going to the circus every day and watching the clowns,” an employee requesting anonymity shared.  “He stumbles and bumbles his way through this place yelling about random things in a high-pitched voice.  His normal speaking voice isn’t high but the more he talks the more he lies and the higher his voice gets.”

“You always can tell when he’s lying,” Wright shared.  “It’s when he opens his mouth.”

A.A. Inc. staff are accustomed to the over promise and under deliver style of management their owner employs.  Most long-term staff stay for the money and entertainment.

“I have no idea how we make any money but its good for laughs,” an anonymous employee said.  “The best part is negotiating raises with him.  You don’t have to say anything in your review.  You just sit there and Kent will keep throwing money at you until you let him feel good about himself.”

Surprisingly, morale at A.A. Inc. is relatively high considering the leadership style of its owner.  Staff attribute the good morale to the fact there is little to no expectations placed on them, numerous perks and freebies, with no accountability.

“We can pretty much do what we want around here.  Allenson doesn’t care or doesn’t notice.  It’s great!”

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Photo Credit – Rio Werner Hauser