Local Man Proud Of Ability To Call BS On Stories From Satire Sites


Larry Houle has quite the nose for BS and he is not afraid to tell you about it.  The 45-year-old Portager has gained notoriety in coffee shop circles and on social media for calling out false news.

“I don’t like it when people get tricked with all the misinformation out there,” Larry Houle said.  “We need to point this type of maleficence out and warn people.”

Houle spends much of his day refuting and arguing the “facts” he pulls from online satire sources like, C.I.P.P.-TV, The Beaverton, The Onion and Daily Bonnet in person and online.

“I don’t think he knows what satire means,” Laura Swanson, a life-long friend of Houle said.  “I don’t think he really knows what fiction is either.  If he sees it in print then he thinks it real.  Well I guess not real but something he has to argue about.”

As more of Houle’s friends share stories from these humorous websites he has taken on the role of a crusader of truth in a world of misinformation.

“I’m getting so good at spotting the BS all I have to do is read the headline and I know it’s not right,” Houle shared.  “I don’t get why other people don’t realize these facts are wrong or impossible.  I guess most people are just gullible.”

Houle brags he flagged stories from CIPPTVPortagelaPrairie.com about souls being bought and sold along with a couple needing 28 days to figure out what to watch on Netflix as being BS.  He also accuses The Beaverton and Daily Bonnet of being full of BS and claims he can almost call BS just by the name of the website.

“I don’t know who is writing for these websites but they sure must be mixed up if they believe half of the stuff they write,” Houle said.  “I’m always amazed when my friends fall for it.  What a bunch of morons.”

When confronted with an explanation that the websites he has been flagging are just funny and fictional, meaning made up, he just stared blankly and was not able to verbalize a response.  Despite this, Houle continues to comment on satire articles as being untrue and false.  His number of friends and followers on social media are shrinking quickly.

Notice to readers/disclaimer – if you are a Larry please click here to read all about the truth of this story and website.  If you are a normal person then no need to, you already have a grasp on reality and know this is satire and fictional.  You can debate whether the stories found on this website are funny or not but that is about it.  Long live the Queen!

Photo Credit – Todd C. Morrow

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