Man Strips While Blowing Snow

Portage man strips while blowing snow to out do neighbour Portage la Prairie neighbours competition in blowing snow climaxes with stripping.

Portage la Prairie, MB –  A local man took extreme measures to win a snow blowing competition by stripping down to his boots and shorts.

For years, Alvin Cunningham and Gilbert Fast have been trying to out do the other with their snowblowers.

“I was the first on the street with a snowblower so I would do the sidewalk and the driveways of the old folks and shut-ins,” explained Cunningham.  “But then this tool moves in a few houses over and thinks he’s better than me.  He starts clearing half the street and most of the driveways just to out-do me.”

The snow feud has raged on for a decade to the benefit of most of the neighbours who now rarely have to clear snow.

“Between the two of us we blow everyone,” said Fast.  “Well, almost, there are a couple of knobs further down the street who like to push the snow into the street.  We just blow it back on their yards for being dick heads.”

Recently the battle amped up with Cunningham retiring from the MDC and having more time than Fast to blow snow.

“I guess I just got sick of him beating me out there during the week,” said Fast.  “I had to do something so I challenged him to a blow off.”

A “blow off” is akin to a dance-off where two competitors with snow blowers try to out do the other with tricks and stunts.  After a series of fancy twists and turns and fluttering columns of snow shooting skyward most of the neighbours were watching so Fast took it to another level.

“After doing a figure eight I looked over and that idiot was taking his clothes off,” said Cunningham.

Fast proceeded to take almost everything off to silence his foil once and for all.

“Not too many people can blow snow bareback so that will shut old Cunningham up for a while,” said Fast.

The two men are not on speaking terms after Cunningham caught his wife posting photos of her sexy snow blowing neighbour, complete with racy comments, to social media.

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