West End Portage Carwash Upgrades From Extreme To Ludicrous

Portage la Prairie car wash upgrading to ludicrous West end car wash upgrading from extreme to ludicrous

Portage la Prairie, MB –

The Portage la Prairie west end car wash is gearing up for a big change.

“We have had a lot of success with our Extreme Carwash, but many visitors are complaining that it isn’t enough,” General Manager Keith McBain explained.

“This spring we will be introducing the Ludicrous Carwash.  Ludicrous is the next level in extreme car washing.  Some Folks figure it is simply a few more jets of water, but it is much more than that,” McBain said.

“Ludicrous washing includes chamois buffing wheels made from the skins of baby harp seals, jet drying with the exhaust of an actual retired RCAF CF-18 jet, and water accumulated from the tears of mothers hearing their baby’s cries for the first time.  This truly is next level stuff.”

When asked if Portagers are ready for ludicrous car washing, McBain responded that for some “money is no object”.

“Hummers and large diesel trucks are already ludicrous so we are simply responding to market demand,” McBain offered.

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Photo Credit: Bert Knottenbeld