Portage Is A Hotspot For Alien Abandonment 

Portage la Prairie hotspot for alien abandonment Portage la Prairie hotspot for alien abandonment

Portage la Prairie, MB – 

It reads like an episode of the X-Files but the truth is not, “out there”, its right here.  Researchers and U.F.O. experts are beaming about a discovery that explains thousands of missing persons’ cases worldwide and why so many Portagers are nomadic with no roots here.

Portage la Prairie hotspot for alien abandonment
Portage la Prairie hotspot for alien abandonment
Portage seems to be the site of numerous alien abandonment incidents, the first of their kind discovered anywhere on the planet.

“I think we now know why so many odd and confused people are wandering the streets of Portage with no previous connections to the place,” paranormal expert Aaron Stevenson said.  “We also think we have found the answer to many missing person cases.”

While alien abduction incidents are well documented and common across the planet, the phenomenon of alien abandonment is a budding field of study.

“We’ve been wondering for a while now whether all instances of alien capture end with the person being returned,” Stevenson said.  “In Portage we found a large number of people who were abducted from other locations, examined, found unworthy of further study and dropped off dazed and confused.”

The research team found a pattern of abandonment going back several decades.  People have been routinely left by aliens with altered memories and believing they just moved here from somewhere else.

“We were drawn to Portage by the unusually high number of odd people living there with no historical connection to the place,” Stevenson said.  “Once we started interviewing these folks we could tell they were psychologically damaged.  The extraterrestrial mind altering took a toll on them for sure.”

Well over 800 Portagers are documented as potential alien abandonment victims and share several frightening traits.

“They exhibit a lack of deep connection to the place,” Stevenson said.  “Low feelings of loyalty and attachment, no interest in attending or supporting local events or sports teams, a propensity to consume drugs and alcohol as a means of escape, a tendency to frequently go to Winnipeg and a pattern of yearly winter travel are common traits of alien abandonment victims.”

Stevenson’s team is unable to explain for certain why Portage la Prairie is a hotbed of alien abandonment but he does have a theory.

“It’s impossible to get into the head of our alien visitors.  But perhaps they picked Portage la Prairie because it has a history and tradition of warehousing people.  If I was an alien looking to deposit an undesirable I think Portage would be the perfect place because they’d fit in quickly and go undetected for a very long time.”

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